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  1. I am really impressed with these lamb jackets. They are extremely well made and fully adjustable. Delivery was very quick. The grey trim is reflective in light. There is a plastic pocket so you can leave an identification marker in there. I have 2 tiny lambs and 1.5kg and 2.5kg. The extra small size fits the larger one nicely. The one on the tiny triplet (one of his brothers was 4.3kg) is a little big but safe enough. These are not going to rip like the plastic ones you can buy so you know the lamb will have a jacket on all day. There are other lamb jackets on the market at higher and lower prices, but these are excellent value for money. I wish I had discovered them years ago.

  2. I love these jackets, have had some now for 3 years, wash great, not had one to throw away yet, baring in mind lambs (& ewes) eat or try to eat anything. Keep my pet lambs warm and clean, also using this year on pedigrees, only problem is lambs outgrow them so fast, so a couple of bigger sizes would be welcome. Also have calf jackets that are also as good quality and value.