Cosy Calf jackets are excellent value for money, are hard wearing and wash well. I use them on all my young calves (I now have 46 jackets) and I am certain they have saved the lives of some of my calves. Many thanks,

Dianne BroomeSolsgirth Home Farm, Dairy Farmer.

Great value for money calf jackets, which has definitely saved calves, lives on our farm. All calves now wear a jacket from birth through to three weeks of age, reducing energy waste and better weight gain.

Les Jaonnet Farm LtdGuernsey.

The calves thrived in hutches with a Cosy Calf jackets on. They grew so fast we had to adjust the jackets after a few weeks. Definitely stronger batch of calves than ever before.

RichardHolywell Flintshire.

I personally have found these calf coats have saved lives and cut vets costs/medication down considerably. Very impressed and will continue to have all my new-borns in them. Many thanks.

Denni Caldicott. Bold Farm, Calf Rearer.

We have a Hereford suckler herd, calving outside in the spring. This year, we put Cosy Calf jackets on all calves on day 2 till about 30. These animals definitely hugely benefited from the extra warmth provided by the jackets, which also made it much easier to handle them.

Malcolm ColesUpper Ridgeway Farm.

Brilliant product and the best I have seen on the market. They are durable, fit well, stay on and even wash well. We have to give the Cosy Calf Producer credit for our low pneumonia & scour cases and good growth rate because of the great start they give our calves.

Fergus McDowallRerrick Park Farm, Dundrennan, Kirkcubright.

We have been extremely impressed with the jackets. A number of our farmers were keen to experiment and in a pen of calves all the same age, 1 calf with a jacket had significantly greater growth rates than others without jackets, this was seen on a number of farms.

Garston Veterinary Group, Garston House, Portway, Frome, Somerset.

The young calf up to one month old is highly susceptible to cold stress. The calf jacket provides an effective and simple way to keep the calf warm whenever the temperature drops below 10⁰C. This prevents weight loss (the calf otherwise must use energy from food to keep warm) and protects the sick calf that is particularly vulnerable. The jackets are very well made and practical, they can be machine washed so infectious diseases are not spread from one animal to another. I have seen some farms where all the calves are wearing them and others where the farmers have bought just a few to use on small or sick calves. They work very well.

Kat Bazeley. BSc BVSc, CertWEL, MRCVS. Vet at Synergy Farm Health Evershot, Dorset.

I have no hesitation in recommending Cosy Calf Jackets. Cosy Calf jackets keep a calf warm when winter weather sets in and temperatures drop. As soon as temperatures are blow 8⁰C healthy calves use a significant proportion of the energy in their mild to generate body heat. This diverts valuable energy away from growth and from fighting off diseases. Cosy Calf jackets help to maintain growth in cold weather and so result in bigger, stronger and healthier calves. Cosy Calf jackets are also very useful when treating sick calves. Keeping any sick animal warm greatly improves the chances of a successful recovery. My clients, whether suckler farmers or dairy, have been amazed at how a Cosy Calf jacket helps to improve recovery from a bad dose of scours or pneumonia.

Ed Powell-Jackson. MRCVS, Vet at Synergy Farm Health.

The rug is excellent and along with a heat lamp made all the difference to a very weak baby. Your service is first class, I will certainly spread the word as I think this is a brilliant idea and certainly beats the adapted dog coat that she started off with.

Chris & Alison CookWintershill Estates